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Rosedale Bison

Production with Heart

Our mission is to promote pure and simple living through the wellness of all animals and people, the love of the land through education and the well-being of children through the giving of time and resources. 

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Rosedale Bison

Rosedale Bison is owned and operated by Les and Kathy Kroeger. The ranch is located in Saskatchewan just north of the town of Hanley along highway 11. We focus on the health of the land and the best quality forages to harvest for the animals. The health of the animals is through providing a low stress
environment and letting the bison be bison. Our Plains Bison convert those forages into the high-quality product we offer to consumers.

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Everything We Offer

Bison is a lean meat, nutrient dense, and has superb health benefits when compared to other protein products. It's a great addition to any cooks weekly menu and can be served as an exciting delicacy to those who haven't had the chance to try it yet! Rosedale Bison sells a variety of bison products including; roasts, steaks, ground bison, smokies and soup bone. Whether it's a little or a lot, contact us today about how to purchase some of our delicious ranch raised bison meat!



Hormone Free & Antibiotic Free 

Grass Fed

Grass Finished

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