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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Cooking bison is not difficult or much different than other meats. A little lower heat and not over cooking is a good rule of thumb. The depth of flavor with grass finished bison is amazing. Spices, sauces, marinating and smoking all can bring good results, but we prefer to taste the great natural flavor. Most of our favorite meals use bison and are those handed down through generations. Bison is a lean meat, nutrient dense, and has superb health benefits when compared to other protein products. 

One of our go-to meals is a burger. Just a plain burger or complemented with toppings, cheeses, bacon, fried onions, or all of them.

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Rosedale Bison Burger


Bison Steak


Grilling, frying, or recently I did some sirloin steaks in the air fryer. My favorite is still as follows.

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Bison Roast


Another family favorite is roast bison. There are many different ways to cook a bison roast. Slow cookers, Smokers, BBQs, pot roast, can all be used. I like sharing my quick and easy method.

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Bison Smokies

A quick and easy meal, our smokies are made with bison only. No pork or beef fat added, just our own bison. 

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